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שני כלבים אחד ליד השני מחכים לחטיפים מהמאמן

Behavioral modification

Dogs come in all shapes; big dogs, small dogs, active dogs, and lazy dogs. The problems start when the dog's behavior prevents proper life management at home. Behavioral therapy aims to find a balance in the home between the dog and the family members and to live comfortably together, taking care of everyone's safety and health along the way. As far as different types of behavior problems are concerned, there are many ways to resolve them, and we will always go below the dog's threshold to find the dog's strongest drive, whether it be treats or play. 

Identify problem

There can be many reasons for a behavioral problem, such as lack of exposure, reinforcement of unwanted behaviors, genetics, fear, excess energy, and much more.

Work plan

By the dog's needs and in accordance with your desires and abilities to achieve the results and goals we have set.


Practice, practice, practice - to get the best results, it is essential to practice. Of course, depending on ability and availability.


It is essential to monitor our goals and where we are about them closely. It is possible and necessary to be in touch with us between meetings and afrer.

What will we do?

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