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Dog trainner and a dog outdoors

Dog training without chokes collars, spikes, or electric!

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Digital courses 

If I am not for me, who will bark for me?

At Joy, we value the independence of both ourselves and our dogs. While you may want to train your dog independently, we highly recommend seeking help from a professional who can adequately address their unique needs and desires. To assist you in this process, we have developed a straightforward and user-friendly digital training course that anyone can follow.


Body language

All dogs no matter the breed, size, or age, they communicate with us all the time. We at Joy Dog Training believe that it is possible and necessary to communicate trustfully with dogs in order to understand them and live happily with them (even if they have behavioral problems of one kind or another). It all starts with a healthy relationship based on complete trust on both sides.

Dog trainer and two dogs sitting in front of him

Behavior treatment

If you bark it, it is no dream

We at Joy Dog Training believe that every dog can be helped if we understand how to reach him. We aim to make life easier for the dog and the owner together. We know that some dogs have unfortunately gone through a thing or two in life, as well as certain breeds of dogs that were born with existential anxieties. It is possible to solve everything with a bit of faith, patience, and willingness.  

Basic dog training

One doesn't bark one's own trumpet

At Joy Dog Training, we believe in a trust-based relationship between humans and dogs and hope for a situation where the dog communicates with his owner out of joy. We will work together on basic signals like 'sit' or 'down' or other complex signals like the signal 'come' and 'leave it,' which are emergency signals that can keep the dog calm, healthy, and safe in any situation.  

Our Services


About Us

We immediately had a click when we met during the dog training class at the dog behavior academy Marker Training. We both knew what we wanted, Ari with his nonsense and Lior the serious one, or the other way around, we don't remember. We saw and realized the true power in our relationship with our dogs, the power in the trust between us, especially when it is established without fear or apprehension but with motivation. We saw the potential of learning together.

When we founded Joy Dog Training, we decided that we would never use force to teach a dog, any dog. They will learn better in a safe environment full of reinforcements and evolve to be more competent and confident. We decided that we will make dog training an unforgettable experience that will teach you to communicate with your dog and that you will acquire a new language that will help you understand your dog better by reading his body language


dog outside sitting with a leash

"Lior from Joy Dog Training came to us in a sensitive, inclusive, thorough, and the improvement is enormous! He became sociable, attentive, and free from a possessive and distant dog. Lior taught me to communicate, understand, and live with him in the most accurate way for us. Recommend wholeheartedly."

Shani and John


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