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שני כלבים על מתקן אחד ליד השני

Basic dog training

Living with dogs is a great experience; they are always with us both in the happy and sad moments, and of course, it is never boring with them; they are full of joy and love. However, it is essential to be comfortable living with them. They need to be managed correctly, and it is necessary to set boundaries and maintain their safety and those around them. It is recommended to start as early as possible; whether you have a puppy or if you adopted from an association, you should start working as early as possible from the moment the puppy or puppies arrive. It is good, to begin with defecating at home (even an adult dog that has been adopted may defecate at home), restraint, relaxed walking, staying in his place calmly, and an emergency signal to come. Any dog can be taught; of course, even an adult dog can learn, but obviously, it will be a little different. It is essential to build trust with the dog so that he wants to perform happily.

Emergency signal

We will teach your dog to cut off contact with anything that could endanger him or those around him and come immediately to you. The emergency signal is the most important signal for a dog.


We will teach your dog that his place is the most valuable thing on earth. We will teach him that whether we are there or not, that is his place. 

Relaxed walking

We will teach your dog to walk by our side when the leash is loose and work on establishing contact in general and eye contact in particular, as well as in the case of stimuli.


We will teach your dog that there is no need to eat everything and no need to jump on everything. Restraint helps the dog eventually also regulate his energy level and helps him relax.

What will we do?

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