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Terms, cancellation policy, and packages

Lifetime Guarantee Terms - of the Dog

  1. Lifetime Guarantee (hereinafter: "lifetime guarantee - of the dog") is only for the dog for which the training sessions were purchased (hereinafter: "the trained dog").

  2. The guarantee does not include a warranty for equipment or food purchased by the trainer during or after the training.

  3. The Lifetime Guarantee period ends immediately if the dog changes ownership, is sold, or is returned to the adoption organization.

  4. The Lifetime Guarantee period is up to 12 years from the beginning of the training process or until the loss of the furry friend, whichever comes first.

  5. The Lifetime Guarantee period is at the sole discretion of the company.

  6. The company's Lifetime Guarantee period will not apply in the following cases:

  • A dog that the trainer recommended a specific care method for, and the owners refused or did not follow these instructions.

  • Owners who violate the company's values use aversive devices on their dogs, such as choke collars, prongs, or electric collars.

  • Owners who decide to change training companies or choose another independent trainer, whether for a training session, consultation, or process.

  • The Lifetime Guarantee ends immediately if Joy Dog Training Company (hereinafter: "the company") ceases to exist, goes bankrupt, or decides to cease company operations.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation is possible before the expected training session at no charge. However, suppose the service recipient cancels two hours before the training session; in that case, the recipient must pay a cancellation fee of 50 NIS.

  2. Suppose the service recipient does not pay the cancellation above fee; in that case, the company will only provide its services once this amount is fully paid.

package deal

  1. The company's services are a total of 400 NIS ("the determining payment"): for a single training session lasting an hour.

  2. The training package is 2100 NIS for six sessions, and another option for an extended package of 2800 NIS for eight sessions. If additional sessions are needed, a single session will be at the price of 300 NIS. The service recipient must pay in advance for the total sessions included in the package: a first assessment session lasting an hour and a half and five additional sessions lasting an hour, respectively, for the extended package.

  3. Suppose the service recipient wishes to change or eliminate the package service; in that case, the company will refund the service recipient according to the company's determining payment: 400 NIS per conducted session and will refund the difference to the service recipient.

  4. The company will refund for stopping or swapping the package by the 10th of the month, following the package order by the service recipient

  5. Suppose the service requester postpones/cancels sessions repeatedly, more than four times; in that case, the company is entitled to stop providing its services and refund the difference according to the determining payment of 400 NIS. In addition, the company will require cancellation fees for the meetings postponed/canceled by the requester (50 NIS cancellation fee).

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