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Dog giving a high five

Social Impact

The change begins here

We at Joy Dog Training work hand in hand with non-profit organizations such as Jerusalem loves animals, Soul of a dog, Arad Lahai, Lives of others, Herzliya, and Netanya loves animals. We decided to give dog adopters a significant discount to help them keep the dog in their homes. We know that rescue dogs are difficult and complex, and therefore, we believe supporting the adopters in every possible way is necessary.

Putting the dogs first is what we do at Joy Dog Training. Dogs don't care no matter where we work, whether in a high-tech office, a clothing store, or as a waiter; dogs don't care. They don't care whether we speak English, Hebrew, Yiddish, or any other language. For them, it's irrelevant. There is only one thing they need, love! 

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